Baby Update: Ayala At 1 Month

I’m not sure who hit the fast forward button on my life but apparently my tiny baby is one whole month old today. As I said in my last post, I want to document as much of Ayala’s life as possible so I plan to do monthly updates of her development. This month’s update is pretty short (it turns out babies don’t actually do that much) but hopefully over the next few months we’ll have a little more to talk about.

Ayala has bright blue eyes and really long, blonde eyelashes. Actually, when she was born, the first thing the midwife commented on was the length of her lashes. We’re not really sure what colour her hair is. Sometimes it’s really dark, other times it’s as blonde as mine, occasionally it even looks ginger. Her hair at the back of her head is pretty long but she has very little on top, sporting quite the receding hairline. She was fairly in proportion when she was born (despite her feet which were and still are huge) but over the last two weeks or so, she’s gained weight like crazy and her face has gotten really chubby.

Daily Routine
She’s way too young for a real routine yet but if I’m completely honest, we haven’t even tried. Louis and I are both lucky that we’ve had the whole time since she was born off uni so we’ve pretty much been able to do everything on Ayala’s schedule. Generally, Louis gets up with her at 7:30am and I stay in bed until 10am because I do more of the night feeds. She feeds every couple of hours and we go to bed around midnight. We bathe her every couple days and recently I’ve started dressing her in an outfit during the day and pyjamas for overnight. We only have a couple more weeks off so we’re going to try an actual routine starting on Monday.

Birth weight: 6lb 2oz
24th December (5 days old): 5lb 13oz
28th December (9 days old): 6lb 2oz
5th January (17 days old): 6lb 13oz
I haven’t had chance to have her weighed since but she’s definitely a lot heavier. She finally fits into Newborn sized clothes too.

Ayala was born with jaundice but it had cleared up by about two weeks. She’s had a couple of tummy bugs and today she’s all snotty which we think is her first cold but besides that, she’s in perfect health.

For the first week of her life, Ayala was breastfed. I had every intention of exclusively breastfeeding her until at least 6 months but we had so many problems and it didn’t work out. I plan to write a full blog post about this soon. Anyway, now she’s formula fed and so much more content. She started on around 3oz every 2-3 hours. Now she’s mostly (ish?) in a pattern of having 4oz every 2-3 hours. Sometimes she eats very little and frequent, sometimes she eats a lot and frequent. A few times this week she’s gone 5 hours without feeding but I’m not convinced it’ll last. She’s a really, really greedy baby.

I guess she’s a little young to truly have likes and dislikes but her personality is definitely starting to form. She enjoys being held on my chest, Louis’ voice and the song Baby Mine from Dumbo. She likes having her hair washed in warm water. She sleeps better with white noise playing.

Ayala doesn’t like being bathed and has recently started disliking cold milk (which she used to drink no problem). She hates being laid down flat in her crib so she sleeps in her moses basket with the mattress slightly tilted. She gets frustrated when she has hiccups.

Lifts her head for up to 10 seconds
Follows the sound of our voices (mostly Louis’)
Follows us around the room with our eyes
Smiled at me twice

This is just a list of the stuff I don’t want to forget in the future:
Our first first feed in hospital going perfectly
How she didn’t cry at all for Louis and I for the first day in hospital
Her tiny baby squeaks
When she met our families for the first time
Our newborn photography shoot
The amount of gifts she received and how lucky we are to be surrounded by such generous friends and family
Her first smile


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