Baby Update: Ayala At 6 Months

She’s 7 months old. 7 bloody months. Where is the time going?!

Ayala’s hair is thickening a lot- it’s so fluffy after the bath now. Her eyes seem to have settled on a hazel shade but I’m convinced they’re definitely turning brown.

Daily Routine
Ayala is being pretty awkward with any routine lately, probably due to her teething. She rarely finishes a bottle, won’t nap for much more than 10 minutes and her sleep changes every night. We’re trying a new routine with her this week so I’ll update next month if it helps.

Birth weight: 6lb 2oz
18th June: 15lb 11oz
I haven’t actually had her weighed at all this month.
She’s between 3-6 month and 6-9 months in clothes.

Ayala has had a pretty bad cold for a lot of this month (that might be hayfever) and she’s teething like crazy. We can’t feel any teeth in her mouth other than a molar.

Ayala still isn’t finishing any bottles lately. We stopped giving her solid foods for a little while due to constipation but we’re starting again so I’ll update next month.




This is just a list of the stuff I don’t want to forget in the future:

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