Baby Update: Ayala At 6 Months

Today marks the day that my tiny little 6lb 2oz baby turned into an almost 16lb half-year-old. I feel simultaneously like it’s flown by and she’s been here forever.

Ayala is getting chunkier every single day and her recent photoshoot confirmed her eyes are definitely turning brown. She has a slight ginger tint to her hair. Other than that, she hasn’t really changed.

Daily Routine
This last month has thrown any sort of routine we had going on straight out of the window. Ayala very rarely finishes her bottles now and has anything between 3-5oz every two-ish hours. She has stopped sleeping her usual 8-10 hours and has started only sleeping for 5 consecutive hours, at a push. We thought it might be the fact that she wasn’t getting enough to eat through the day, then we thought it might be that she’s cold (she always kicks her blanket off) but now we’re thinking it’s probably the fact that it gets light around 5am, which is when she wakes up. We’re gonna get some blackout blinds to see if that helps.

Birth weight: 6lb 2oz
18th June: 15lb 11oz
She finally at 6 months old fits into her 3-6 month clothes.

No real health issues this month. She has a dry patch of spots on her bald spot that sometimes looks sore but never bothers her, and she had a cold over the last week but nothing really worth noting.

Ayala rarely finishes her bottles lately and still can’t figure out any bottle teats other than the stage 1 tommee tippee ones. She seems to enjoy any finger food and purees we offer her.

Being in water, music, when I say “ha ha ha!” at her to make her laugh

Lack of attention, laying down for too long, sitting up for too long, not getting enough sleep,

Confident rolling
Grabbing things properly
Tripod sitting

This is just a list of the stuff I don’t want to forget in the future:

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