What I Look For In Baby Clothes #AD

When I’m shopping for clothes for Ayala (which I am about 90% of the time), I tend to head straight to Primark or Next and shove as much pink stuff as I can into my basket. This means her wardrobe usually consists of the same things in different sizes and honestly, it gets pretty dull. One of the goals in my 101 in 1001 was to purchase regularly from small, independent companies. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re supporting someone else’s dream business and they always seem to have the most amazing prints and fabrics. It’s a win-win all round so when LavenderSun reached out to work with me, I was thrilled.

Discount code: CHLOEY10

It took about 30 seconds of me browsing their website before I decided on the first thing I had to have: this adorable Avengers romper. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but Louis and I are huge Marvel fans so this was a no-brainer. I’m half-tempted to sneak her in with me for a second viewing of Infinity War and if I do, this will definitely be my outfit of choice.

My second choice was this bright pink dinosaur romper with a matching headband (which is just a little bit too big right now). I think dinosaur prints look so cool but I struggle so much to find anything that’s both dinosaur-y and girly. When I took Ayala out in this, I had so many people stop me just to compliment me on how pretty it was, which was lovely. (Side note: if you do know of anywhere else to buy girly dinosaur clothes, please let me know).

For the final outfit, I let Louis loose on the website and he chose this four-piece set, which came with a long-sleeved vest, trousers, a hat and a headband. For anyone that knows him, he’s a huge gamer and I’m getting there (kind of) with joining in so this little outfit was the perfect choice for our little addition. I sized up on this outfit because I wanted it to last so it doesn’t quite fit her yet but it’s so cute. I’m thinking of doing a matching OOTD with the headband for me and the hat for Ayala.

A couple of the items came with the choice of complementary headbands, so we chose one with milk cartons to match her Next dungarees and a pink watermelon print to match some of her summer dresses. LavenderSun have free worldwide shipping and the items came very quickly- I’m pretty sure it was within a week of ordering. The fabrics are bright and good quality. They’ve washed well with no signs of fading or lose threads. The rompers are obviously handmade but in a cutesy “isn’t that unique!” way, not a “did an 8 year old make that in a craft fair?” kind of way, if you get what I mean. I’ll be ordering from them again soon and I’d 100% recommend them to anyone else looking to fill their child’s wardrobe with something a little bit different. A huge thank you to LavenderSun for working with me on this post. Don’t forget my discount code CHLOEY10 for 10% off your order.

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