Baby Update: Ayala At 5 Months

Ayala seems to be properly developing her personality now. She’s such a happy little girl.

This month, Ayala’s hair seems to have grown a lot. I hadn’t noticed until I was looking through her 4 months photos, but you can actually see her hair now on photos. She still has her huge bald patch at the back though.

Daily Routine
Out routine is still all over the place at the minute. Our uni exams are over in a few days and we’ll finally be able to try to get into a routine. Ayala’s sleeping patterns fluctuate at the minute but she sleeps from around 11pm until 8am without waking up. She’s on 6oz bottles every 3-4 hours.

Birth weight: 6lb 2oz
25th April: 13lb 7oz
One thing I plan to do a lot more over summer is have her weighed regularly. I like to know that she’s growing! She’s still in 0-3 month clothes. She kind of fits into 3-6 months a little bit, but not really.

No health issues this month!

Ayala tends to drink most, if not all, of a 6oz bottle every few hours. It won’t be long before we have to put her on 7oz.

Ayala still loves swimming and bath-time. She loves the songs Baby Mine and Say Hello To The Sun.

Lack of attention

Rolling from back to front
Rolling from front to back

This is just a list of the stuff I don’t want to forget in the future:

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