Baby Names I Love But Won’t Ever Use

Before anyone asks, I’m not pregnant. I’ve just been thinking a lot about the future lately and what I’d call our baby if we were to have another. I’ve compiled a list of all the ones that I like most. Just for context, we already have a little girl called Ayala (pronounced eye-uh-luh).


  • Elodie
    If we were to have another little girl and naming her was left entirely up to me, this is 100% what I’d call her. I think Ayala and Elodie flows perfectly. However, as Louis doesn’t like it, it’s a massive no. *insert crying GIF*
  • Wednesday
    I’ve always loved the name Wednesday but people would either associate with the Addam’s Family or think we were insane for naming her after a day of the week.
  • Aurora
    Aurora is such a beautiful name (and how cute does Ayala and Aurora sound?!) but people would associate it too heavily with Disney for my liking.
  • Ariel
    See above
  • Poppy
    We’ve loved Poppy since before I was pregnant with Ayala but as it’s Louis’ niece’s name, it’s a no-no.
  • Dylan
    I think Dylan is a lovely name for a girl but I know people would just assume she was a boy. I’m fairly certain Louis would hate it too.
  • Luna
    We considered Luna as Ayala’s middle name at one point but, for some reason, I’ve really gone off it lately.
  • Ophelia
    I love Ophelia but it just ever so slightly crosses the line of ‘out there’  for me.
  • Arabella
    The only thing that puts me off Arabella is how much of a mouthful it is to say with Ayala. It doesn’t flow nicely at all.
  • Zelda
    Both Louis and I love this name, but we have enough judgement as young parents without naming our child after a video game character.



  • Albie
    I love the sound of Ayala and Albie, but Albie is so popular at the minute that it’s been ruined for me.
  • Rex
    As a name, I love Rex. However, it just makes me think of dinosaurs which kinda puts me off.
  • Atlas
    I like Atlas but for whatever reason, Ayala and Atlas doesn’t sound quite right to me.
  • Leo
    Again, it doesn’t fit well enough with Ayala for me to use it as a boy’s name.
  • Teddy
    I like Teddy because it’s an old family name but I’m not sure I like the idea of naming a baby after a real person. It feels like such a huge weight on their shoulders to live up to expectations.
  • Thor
    If I was naming a baby Thor after the god I don’t think it would be so bad, but to name him after a well-loved superhero just feels cruel.

As it stands currently, there isn’t a single name I like enough to use. Let me know some of your favourite names in the comments!

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  1. March 28, 2018 / 21:11 pm

    I love all the names especially the Ariel and the Aurora names!

    Olga from Myme

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