Baby Update: Ayala At 2 Months

This month has been simultaneously plain sailing and one of the hardest months of my life. Finding a balance between full time uni and parenting a two month old was (and still is) pretty challenging but Ayala has also started sleeping through the night more and smiling just at the right moment to make everything worth it.

Not much has really changed about Ayala’s appearance in the last month. She’s a little chubbier in her cheeks and her hair is still a weird shade of very-light-but-also-kinda-dark-maybe-it’s-ginger. Her eyes have started to turn more grey and we’re thinking they could end up brown as opposed to the bright blue they were when she was born.

Daily Routine
We still haven’t really tried to get her into a set routine but she’s mostly settled herself into one. She gets up with Louis between 6:30-7:00am and he feeds and changes her. I take over at 9am while he’s at uni/work. She still feeds every couple of hours and we go to bed at around midnight. She tends to sleep through from around 1:30-6:30am, though it varies slightly every night.

Birth weight: 6lb 2oz
24th January: 8lb 9.5oz
2nd February: 9lb 2oz
She still doesn’t quite fit into 0-3 month clothes (though I’m secretly quite glad – she has some gorgeous dresses in size 0-3 and it might actually be dress weather by the time she fits into them).

Louis and I had a cold at the start of the month, which Ayala inevitably caught so she was quite snotty and clingy for about a week. She struggles to get her wind up so she now has 1 drop of Infacol before every bottle. At her 6 week check up, the doctor had no concerns and said she was in perfect health.

Ayala has 5oz of formula milk every 2-3 hours throughout the day and goes 5-6 hours without milk on a night. She’s still a really greedy baby and sometimes she’ll want more milk after draining the bottle. I’m sure we’ll have to move her on to 6oz soon.

Ayala now loves her baths and being in water. She loves the taste of Infacol. She still settles best being laid on my chest and she likes being rocked, bounced and swung in the air. She’s started paying attention to light by taking notice of herself in the mirror and staring at light bulbs. She freakin’ loves pop punk and rock music. Seriously. Play her a lullaby and she’ll scream her head off but stick a bit of Fall Out Boy on and she’s asleep before the chorus.

Ayala still doesn’t like being laid down flat on her back. She sleeps much better on her tummy on my chest but she’s too young to be put in her bed that way, so getting her to sleep in her crib can be difficult. She’s started to become really fussy when she has a wet nappy and she gets upset if she doesn’t hear us talking for a while or notices we’re not in the room.

Lifts her head
Smiles at Louis and I
Smiles at herself in the mirror and at toys
‘Talks’ to us with different noises
Cries with tears

This is just a list of the stuff I don’t want to forget in the future:
Her first bath with her bath float
Born In The City Of Culture baby event
Decorating her nursery

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